BluPrint™ Overview

BluPrint™ is an affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use website package that enables smart business owners to take control over their website's content.

BluPrint™ runs in the background (unseen to customers) and is accessible online through a secure administration panel. This software-free method of updating and editing your website gives you the freedom and flexibility necessary for business owners on the go. Whether you are at the office, working from home, or sipping a coffee at a Starbucks in London, BluPrint™ is available to you anywhere.

In action, BluPrint™ works very much like Microsoft® Word®, so virtually anyone with even minimal computer experience is able to update your website's content without requiring training. The interface is non-technical and allows staff to update the website "visually".

All types of content are supported by BluPrint™, including:

  • Text
  • Video
  • Flash
  • Photos & Images
  • PDF

BluPrint™ includes many other features and benefits. For more information, please ring our Victoria BC office at 1-877-44-CLICK (1-877-442-5425).


BluPrint™ is packed with features that will help you manage an effective, profit generating website. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Edit Content Easily
  • Pinpoint which advertising campaigns are generating the best results.
  • Discover what your customers are doing on your website (with Google Analytics).
  • Add Photos, Videos, and PDF documents with ease.
  • Add new web pages to the website quickly (and free of charge).
  • Receive email alerts when customers complete a "call to action" on your website.
  • Save on webmaster fees (they don't exist), web hosting (included), and your domain name (included). Customer service is also free.