What Are We Doing To Be Green?

In 2009, most businesses should be doing what they can to help save the environment and slow Global Warming. TSW Interactive has been a green business since inception, but we've never spoken much about it. In hopes that we can inspire an idea or two, here are 5 things that we are doing to be green.

1. Wind Powered Hosting

Our web servers (where we keep your website files) are powered completely by wind turbine generated electricity.  We've invested a great deal of time and money into making sure that our carbon footprint is as small as possible, and our turbines actually power 117% of our hosting power... which means we're actually putting electricity back into the system - not taking from it.

2. Paperless Office

We used to take down hundreds of pages of notes for every website we produced - which led to a great deal of waste.  In 2008 we invested in some good "dry-erase" boards, which we use for all our concepting and note taking.  We've cut our paper waste from around 280 sheets per week, to less than 10.

3. Energy Star Electronics

All of our computers and monitors are "Energy Star" approved, which means we get to use less energy, and save a few more trees.  Yep, the fridge and microwave are "Energy Star" approved also (they get a lot of use).

4. Energy Saving Computer Settings

All of our computers are set to have their screens switched off after 2 minutes of inactivity to save energy.  If a computer hasn't been used for 30 minutes (if one of the staff have gone out to a meeting and forgotten to shut down, for example), then the computer will slip into "Stand By" mode, which saves approximately 80% of the energy, without losing any data when you boot back up.

5. Relying on Good Old Fashioned Nature

We don't want to overlook the most basic of Green Strategies - relying on nature.  Our office hasn't had a light switch flicked since Winter.  We use daylight to light the office, and open the windows when the office gets hot.  Only on super hot days do we throw on a few fans (Energy Star rated).  We're looking to invest in a small solar-powered generator to provide the fans with their electicity... and maybe a computer or two as well.

OK, well there's five things we're doing to be green.  If you have any suggestions, or comments, please email them to me at tom@tswinteractive.ca.